European Basketball Week 2022 in Slovakia

This year, after 2 years of the pandemic, the participating organizations were finally able to fully participate in the 3-year project financed by Norwegian Grants for the development of a new sport – BASKETBALL, in the European Basketball Week of the EBW Special Olympics.

The first thing that most interested athletes in basketball in general was shooting the basket.

Everyone just wanted to shoot. However, they gradually understood that they must first train many other activities such as catching, receiving, improving ball skills, attention, perception, accuracy, endurance and others. Athletes slowly improve with each training session and focus more on passing, catching speed as well. For the second year, the athletes have been participating in training regularly at last once a week. This year, 13 organizations participated in the EBW Special Olympics European Basketball Week. A total of 95 children between the ages of 8 and 12 and 10 unified partners.

Schools and organizations involved in the project:

  • Spojená škola internátna – ŠK MANÍN Považská Bystrica,
  • Spojená škola internátna Spišské Vlachy,
  • Spojená škola Pezinok/alokované pracovisko MODRA,
  • Špeciálna základná škola – Speciális Alapiskola, Šamorín,
  • Základná škola s materskou školou Čierne – Vyšný koniec č.969,
  • Spojená škola Dobšiná,
  • Spojená škola Pezinok,
  • Spojená škola internátna Rožňava,
  • Spojená škola Hálkova 54 Bratislava,
  • Súkromná spojená škola Prešov, Platforma rodín, Ja Sám

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