Football in schools. Special Olympics European Football week.

Slovakia, May 20-28. 2023 During the Special Olympics European Football week in 19 special schools around Slovakia, 314 athletes with ID, 75 teachers and coaches actively participate in football activities. Football activities were focused on – football abilities, ball skills, kicking, catching, and moving forward with the ball. The most excited activities were kicking the ball to the goalkeeper. All participants received T-shirts and schools were provided with sports equipment.

During the Special Olympics European Football week, the training camp for Unified Female football team was held in Puchov city. 6 athletes with ID, 5 Unified female players and 3 coaches focus on game tactics and unified meaning.

“As longer as girls with ID are together on trainings or at free time, I see social development on my female athletes and on unified partners I can notice the development in their willingness to patiently explain and help female athletes not only at the field but also in real life.”, Eva Jantáková – coach of the National Female Unified Football team.

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