International Kid’s Day promote Basketball and Football as Unified Inclusive Sports

Bratislava, June 1, 2023
Students of Elementary School Kalinciakova invited children from Special School Samorin to join their Sport Day organized on International Kid’s Day. Children aged 6-12 years old with ID and without ID compete and play in mixed teams. All together 48 children spent inclusive time together. All were awarded with medals.

Vrbové city, June 21, 2023
Special School Vrbové invite local mainstream school to join their Sport Day organized as an event for International Kid’s Day. Very active teaches set up 6 sports stations including football and basketball. During 2.5 hours of sports and celebration children with ID and without ID actively cooperate. Children with ID under 12 – 12 (7 boys and 5 girls), Children without ID under 12 – 20. Teachers – 6.

Košice city, May 25, 2023
Students of Elementary School Lechkého in Kosice organized Sport Day for children from local Special School. All together were participating at sport stations like: Basketball skills, football skills, throwing, kicking, mobility. All together were closing the event with games with parachute. 18 children with ID and 26 children without ID were awarded with medals.

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