Norwegian Grant Fund for Regional Cooperation from Iceland visited Tuzla

Between 22 to 26 November, representatives of the Norwegian Grant Fund for Regional Cooperation from Iceland visited Tuzla. The visit took place within the project “Inclusion through sports for children with developmental disabilities”. The project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation. The project is managed by Motivation Romania Foundation in partnership with Special Olympics Romania, SO Iceland, SO Slovakia, SO Lithuania, SO Bosnia and Herzegovina, SO Montenegro, with support from SO Europe Eurasia Foundation and Poznan University of Physical Education.

As part of the visit, numerous activities were carried out, meetings with competent representatives of the executive and legislative authorities, visits to the associations “Koraci nade” and “Soci”, the elementary school “Brčanska Malta”, and members of the associations “Hrabro srce” and “Hrabro srce” actively participated in the inclusive health program. Duga” and Sarajevo center “Vladimir Nazor”.

Children from the “Naše dijete” kindergarten are also included in the inclusive training sessions. Healthy forum was conducted in cooperation with volunteers, students of the Faculty of Medicine – Association of Students of the Faculty of Medicine “Medicus”, students from the Faculty of Education – Rehabilitation.

A wonderful experience and an excellent exchange of knowledge. We thank the guests from Special Olympics Iceland for their trust.

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